Taiwan Adoption

Gladney is only accepting new families to adopt children age 3+ years or special medical needs children from Taiwan. For the most current information about Gladney’s Taiwan Adoption program, please check out our blog.

Taiwan Adoption Program

Gladney works with two government-licensed child welfare foundations in Taiwan. Gladney's Taiwan program is able to offer adoption opportunities to families desiring to adopt a toddler or school-aged child.

Birth parents are typically involved in this adoption matching process. All adoptive family information shared with birth parents is non-identifying. Continued communication after placement, between the birth parent and adoptive family, is coordinated between the child welfare foundation and Gladney.

Children come into the care of a child welfare institute when a birth mother decides to relinquish her rights to a child or a child is referred by the social service department of a local county government. The youngest children are approximately 3-5 years old. There are many children ages 6 and older at the time of referral. Healthy and special needs children are available, both male and female.

Guang Ming/Waiting Child Program

For more information about this child, please contact Mary Chapman.

Superkids: A Gladney Adoption Program

Families who are open to adopting children with special medical needs should visit Gladney's Superkids Blog for further information on waiting children from Taiwan.

How Do I Start the Adoption Process?

Gladney staff will guide your family in the adoption process from the start of your journey. To learn more about adopting from Taiwan, please request one of Gladney's free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 1-800-INT-ADOP.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and experience in adoption with you as you embark upon building your family through adoption.  Our telephone number is 212-868-3434. Click here for our e-mail and postal addresses.


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