Transitional Care

Between the time your baby is discharged from the hospital and placement day, he or she will be cared for by loving Transitional Care Families. These families are volunteers that have opened their hearts and homes to care for Gladney babies and children waiting to be adopted. They volunteer out of love for babies and the enjoyment of caring for them.

Each Transitional Care Family has created a welcoming environment in their home. Families provide all of the nursery equipment, car seats and clothes for the babies in their care (Gladney helps out with diapers, wipes and formula). Before a baby is placed in their home they also have an Environmental Health Check and a Fire Inspection. But most importantly, Transitional Care Families go through the same screening process as adoptive families, including background and reference checks. Plus, each family must complete 20 hours of baby training classes annually.

While in Transitional Care, your baby becomes a temporary part of the Transitional Care Family. The Transitional Care Family will take your baby to the pediatrician while in care and if a longer hospital stay is necessary for your baby after delivery, the Transitional Care Family will stay with the baby in the hospital to ensure that he or she receives the best care possible. The Transitional Care Mom will also bring the baby to all of the scheduled nursery visits. Nursery visits are a special time for birth mom and baby to spend together. These visits can be part of the adoption plan, and are scheduled through the birth mother’s caseworker.

A Smooth Transition

As preparation for placement, Transitional Care Moms keep notes about the baby’s progress, schedule and temperament to help make the transition as smooth and easy as possible for the baby. We use the term “Proud Volunteers” to describe Transitional Care Families because of the number of photos they take to share with both birth parents and adoptive parents on placement day.

Every step from the hospital to placement day is made more comfortable by the loving hearts and caring hands of our Transitional Care Families.

To learn more about adopting from Gladney's Domestic Adoption Programs, please request one of Gladney's free, comprehensive Adoption Information Packets. Make your request on-line or by calling 1-800-687-3097.


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